10 Reasons Why Halloween is Hard on Costumers

10 Reasons Why Halloween is Hard on Costumers

Poison Ivy

  1. Making everyone else’s costume is way more fun
  2. Let’s face it, nothing beats making something for someone who is amazed by it! Working with other people means making things you never would’ve tried on your own, and they don’t see all the mistakes you’re hung up on.


  3. And we do meanĀ everyone’s
  4. How did giving a friend a hand turn you into a costume printer with free ink? You’re not doing anyone any favors by biting off more than you can chew – but it all looks so delicious!

    “Oh I know! Sailor Moon, right?! I love that cartoon!”

  5. No one gets your references
  6. What’s the point of making a historically accurate medieval gown if everyone just calls you a princess? This is why finding your ‘people’ at conventions and festivals is so addicting.

    “So what are you gonna be?” “Actually this is going to be a hand-sewn period accurate Shakespearean commedia dell’arte costume!” “For Halloween, right?” “…yep”

  7. When you go to Jo-Ann’s you feel the need to mark your territory
  8. Do you dread like being seen as another last-minute ‘DIY diva’ with a butterick pattern and some $2/yard fabric? Do you find yourself greeting managers by name as you walk in just so everyone knows you’re a hardcore customer? Yeah me neither.


  9. Costume contests are really bikini contests in disguise
  10. Almost like an anti-costume contest, where the least amount of costume results in the highest score. Well don’t you feel silly.


  11. Wear your nice costume to a bar? Ruined
  12. Even if you manage to keep food, drink, and bodily fluids off your masterpiece, can you really enjoy yourself when your hard work is in danger?

    Tinker Bell and Kermit the Frog
    “I don’t get it…I thought costumes were your ‘thing’?!”

  13. Wear a simple costume to a bar? Everyone’s disappointed
  14. Suddenly making a few costumes makes you contractually obligated to spending hundreds of dollars and hours wowing people too drunk to remember your costume tomorrow.


  15. The guy who dressed up as ‘life handing out lemons’ got more attention than your foam latex mask, vaccum-formed armor, and hand-made chain link suit
  16. You want to like the creativity, you want to laugh, but at the moment you’re hot, itchy, and covered in prosthetics. Life really isn’t fair.


  17. And he’s way more comfortable
  18. Sitting is a luxury you can’t afford.


  19. Waaaay more comfortable

You might want to just go home and start on that costume plot you’ve been putting off.

What about you? Were you stressed or sublimeĀ on the most costumed night of the year?

One thought on “10 Reasons Why Halloween is Hard on Costumers

  1. Loved this! It’s so true & probably part of the reason I found it hard to dress up this year. Aside from not finding the right inspiration I was looking for for a costume this year, I also couldn’t help but think of all the things you mentioned happens to you/your costume on Halloween (especially here in Hollywood). As creative as I might have tired to be, no one I know would have really gotten the references or understood the amount of detail that would have lovingly but also painstakingly put into it. And compared to “life-hands-you-lemons-guy,” for most people, it’s no contest. And while I think dressing up should be for your own enjoyment, at the end of the night (at least where I am) I would most likely end up going home cold and smelling like beer. :/
    Regardless, still love Halloween, if nothing else, but for the opportunity it can provide for one’s creativity to be it’s craziest self!

    <3 Stitch Witches <3

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