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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions answered before you even thought of them! Wanna help make this page even more informative? Throw us your questions we haven’t answered yet so the next visitor doesn’t have to!

Getting Personal

  • What makes you the experts?

    • We’re not! In fact, we hope to learn as much from our readers as we try to show them. We aren’t setting out to show how perfect we are at costume design or construction – we’re setting out to share a love of the process! That said, we have considerable combined experience with many construction methods and have both designed for theatrical, cosplay, and historical purposes. Find out more about us here!


  • Does crafting/sewing run in your families?

    • Caitlin - “A little here and there. My great-grandmother quilted, my great-grandfather liked to carve wooden figures. My grandmother made matching dresses for myself and a doll of mine. Growing up my mother knew how to sew curtains and pillows – flat, straight sewing as she likes to call it! For a while my mom owned a rubber stamping business, and now likes to scrapbook. I don’t know of anyone else in my family interested in art or theater.”
    • Jaime - “My Aunt is currently the only other person in my family who sews. As a matter of fact she’s the one who taught me. Sewing aside we have a family of writers and my mom is a great painter and refurbishes old furniture. My mom actually does everything but sew, so she was glad that I learned at a pretty young age. I’m definitely the family repair-woman.”


  • How did you learn to sew?

    • Caitlin - “This is an unusual story. I had tried to use my mom’s sewing machine a couple times – only to be thwarted by being unable to thread it. The machine sat unused for a long time. After my Freshman year of high school, faced with a real summer vacation (which I didn’t always get when home-schooled) I decided I wanted to be productive and get ahead of my peers. A sheltered childhood meant encountering people starting to date for the first time. Unlike most my friends who began the hunt for the ‘perfect someone’, I turned inwards and tried to become perfect for someone. I wrote an in-depth proposal called ‘A successful summer’ in which I outlined multiple ways I wanted to improve myself – including things like cooking, singing, organization, and sewing. I gave this to my ultra-organized mom, who was so pleased she signed me up for sewing lessons soon after. I completed a little serged elastic skirt with my teacher (thanks Cheryl!), started riding her horse Quency instead of taking lessons with her, and taught myself from then on. I learned a lot, initially, from sites like Threadbanger which I followed religiously (I use to watch their videos on the day they were posted before school!) and soon my passion overcame any notion of needing to ‘better myself’. Instead, I was bettering my life – without even knowing it. I went on to make my Junior and Senior prom dresses and in college I worked in our theater department’s costume shop where I learned about the specific work involved in costumes. Spending four years working with Laurie Klapperich expanded my knowledge of all aspects of sewing more than I can say”
    • Jaime -“When I was a kid I always insisted on making my own costumes for Halloween. I always had super elaborate plans and like no sewing ability at all. I started out using “stitch witch” (the iron-on adhesive) to construct all of my Halloween costumes with remnants from Hancock’s and cut-up clothes from Goodwill. Eventually my ideas got a little too big and heavy for that so my Aunt finally made me sit down and learn how to sew. We spent a weekend at her house with my cousin and she taught me how to make a Kimono. I used that basic knowledge to teach myself and spent five strong years cosplaying every convention I could get myself to (be it by bus, bird or boat) before I interned for Deedee Vicory (D’lola designs). She’s also known as “The Wedding Seamstress” and I learned a lot about couture and detail work from my time with her. Because of that internship my specialty is the little repetitive details, bigger things like pattern making still escape me sometimes, but it’s a process!”


  • How do you organize your craft supplies/workspace?

    • We use a variety of items from IKEA and The Container Store, as well as glass bowls and vases found at local thrift stores. Our cutting table was made using GERTON table legs and a large piece of melamine board from The Home Depot. We’re hoping to release a tour of Stitch Witch Headquarters soon that breaks down each storage solution.


  • Can I add either of you on your personal Facebook?

    • We use our personal Facebooks strictly for friends – if you’d like to get to know us, feel free to start by liking our Page on Facebook, following us on Tumblr, or subscribing to our Twitter. We also love to receive email, so there are lots of ways to build a relationship! Over time if we become friends we’d be happy to add you.


  • How did you two become friends?

    • In August 2013 Caitlin was hired to work as a seamstress at Disguises Costume Superstore, where Jaime had been working for 3 years as a rental associate. Over a number of months we started working shifts together and we started to get to know each other.

      I found out Jaime had experience on fine sewing right about the same time I was very late on a commission for a silk-chiffon pageant dress. Needless to say, I was ecstatic when she agreed to come over and help me hand-stitch some hems! She was instantly my savior – Caitlin.

      From then on we started talking more and more and it became apparent that we should sew together. That evolved into Jaime eventually bringing all her sewing supplies over to Caitlin’s apartment and agreeing to meet once-a-week (Admittedly more wine was drank than costumes sewn, originally…) At some point Jaime mentioned starting a costume blog – expecting a simple tumblr page. Well, simple is hard for Caitlin and Jaime is a good sport and a go-getter, so the original idea tumbled into what is now Stitch Witch.

      “I don’t think Caitlin’s ever met an idea that shouldn’t be, like, fifty times more incredible than it’s inception. So here we are. We’re both dangerously ambitious and we both have a go button where there should probably be a stop button so it’s a match made in heaven really. – Jaime


Our Favorites

  • What kind of sewing machines do you use?

    • Jaime owns a Pfaff, but the machine we use by default at Stitch Witch Headquarters is Caitlin’s Janome – HT2008, Heart Truth 2008. Caitlin bought this machine with the money from her first summer camp teaching experience and it’s really performed like a champ ever since. Caitlin also has a 1961 Kenmore that’s missing its pedal and a 1960’s Kenmore with a cracked throat plate and an old Singer treadle that were both gifts from a DU faculty member who was moving to New Zealand.


  • Do you have a serger?

    • We have and occasionally use a Janome MyLock 634D serger. We find the serger most useful for quick projects and costumes but rarely use it for any fine, detailed work. Caitlin used just the serger when her sewing machine gave up one all-nighter to make a Yoshi costume, for example.


Commissions and Requests

  • Will you make [full costume or piece] for me?

    • Jaime and I have a limited amount of time for freelance orders, however, we do love working on new, fun ideas! Please feel free to email us with a thorough description and photos of what you’re looking for. If we can’t do it, we might find someone who will!
    • Past Commissions


  • Can you make a tutorial about _________ ?

    • Most likely! At least for now we are absolutely open to new tutorials and topics for blog posts. We can’t guarantee that we have the capacity for your specific request or that we’ll be able to do it immediately, but each suggestion is taken very seriously! Just email us your idea


  • Can you design my new layout, logo, or graphics?

    • Caitlin has time for a few graphic design projects a month. Feel free to email her individually while she works on her personal website to inquire about pricing.


  • Can you help me design an ad for your blog?

    • Absolutely! Getting your ad designed by Caitlin is a great way to make sure your product fits into the design and aesthetic our readers are accustomed too and takes the work off your hands! Find out more about ad design services here.


Promoting with Us

  • Will you spread the word about my product/business?

    • This question is really on you – is your company or product incredibly rad and useful to our target readers? It’s very possible we’d love to work with you! Consider becoming a part of our Friends & Neighbors or Partners program for a simple signal boost. Or, consider emailing us about reviewing a particular product, creating a tutorial with your product, or asking us to write about a particular topic.


  • I’m an artist/artisan specializing in costumes/costume pieces. Can you feature me on your blog?

    • See above! We have a limited amount of editorial space for talented artists. Feel free to contact us to ask about an artist spotlight with examples of your work and a web address. A biography, if not included on your web page, may also help us decide. We will then contact you to work out the details.


  • Can I or my company submit guest posts and articles for your blog?

    • Getting a guest post accepted is a little tricky – not gonna lie! We like as many of our posts to be written in our own words with our own opinions and experiences. If you’d like us to review a product or create a tutorial we’d be happy to work with you in creating a sponsored post. Simply email us to inquire about advertising. In rare circumstances, if we believe your voice would be exciting for our readers, we may create a small column/series for you. If that sounds like you, go ahead and submit your ideas.


About the Blog

  • Can I use a photo/tutorial/quote from your blog on my website?

    • We’re going to use our creative commons license to back this question up. As you can see in our footer below, we use a ‘Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International‘ license for all our content. The terms are pretty simple – we’re happy for you to use any photos or information for non-commercial purposes so long as you don’t alter it, you link back to where you got it, and credit www.thestitchwitches.co. We also ask you link to tutorials rather than reproduce them fully on your site.We encourage you to use any many images and posts to be shared on tumblr, pinterest, twitter, and facebook so long as proper credit is given and linked back to us.Whatever you make using a tutorial or tip from us is your property and can be used however you like, however a link back to the tutorial used would be much appreciated!


  • What Camera do you use to take your photos?

    • When Jaime’s around, most photos came from a Nikon D40. If it’s just Caitlin, she employs her iPhone 5 and lots of light and Photoshop!


  • What program do you use to edit your photos?

    • Caitlin edits with Photoshop CC on her jankety PC.


  • Who designed your layout?

    • Caitlin adapted the popular starter theme ‘Underscores‘ and lots of trial-and-error to make our theme called ”The First Stitch’. Most graphics and logos were made using Inkscape, which she prefers to Illustrator.


  • What’s the story behind the Stitch Witch name?

    • Every sewing/costume construction enthusiast is familiar with the iron-on tape used for little hems and quick no-sew projects. We like the catchiness of the rhyme, but more importantly believe that the best way to really showcase the magical quality of costumes is to melt down every aspect of the industry and tie it all together with excitement and awe. Plus, it makes for really cute graphics! We are not affiliated with any company that produces no-sew ironing tape.