First Impressions

Headshot featuring Jaime and Caitlin
Taking a brief break from making costume magic to show our faces.

Introducing the Stitch Witches!

It’s been months of hard work but we’re finally live! Welcome to our blog, affectionately named The Stitch Witches. Who are these Stitch Witches? Well a peek over at our ‘Who are we?’ page may give you a basic rundown.

I’m Caitlin, and I’ll be writing a majority of the blog posts you read here. Jaime, my partner-in-crime, will be helping to create a community through social networking. Together, we will be designing costumes, making tutorials, interviewing industry professionals, crashing events, and trying to get our hands on absolutely anything and everything we can plug into the topic of ‘costumes’.

Our hope throughout the weeks ahead is to fill you up with all sorts of inspiration and information to help your costume career, hobby, or admiration grow. Please be patient as we are just beginning this journey – and we hope you join us for the ride!

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