Our Mission

Unity, Creativity, Inspiration

Vintage clothing patterns with two ladies painted on top.
Our blueprint keeps us focused. (photo credit: jay d cc)

Our mission statement serves as a contract from us to you. These are some of our goals and all of our promises. To learn more about how we got started, consider reading our About Us page or our FAQ.

Making connections happen

Simply churning out content isn’t enough for us. We want to connect with you and help you connect with each other. Through social media we begin to achieve that. With the addition of contests and events to participate in, connecting with people like yourself gets easier. Eventually, we dream of workshops and meet-up events with our readers and enthusiasts. (We’re big dreamers – but aren’t you?)

Future plans

The possibilities are endless as far as we can see. Where this will lead no one can say – will we write a book? Speak at a conference? Spend a lot of time in our pajamas drooling over designs? We aren’t even trying to make a prediction (just asking you to join us on the ride!) More than anything, we want to stir up some excitement and inspiration. If at any point our guidance inspires you to try something new, see something in a new light, or just get excited then we’re on the right track. (So why not give us some feedback?)

Our Style

Stitch Witch has intended from the very start to portray itself as professional, clean, enchanting, smart, and lively. Professional photography, a clean layout, and an uncluttered philosophy are your gateways to quality content. We’ve tried to create a space for you that is welcoming, engaging, and pleasing to the eye. One part minimalistic and professional, two parts crafty, and a hefty helping of magical.

Our relationship with you!

We hope you think of us as your sidekicks! We believe there’s a lot of learning going on between heroes and their plucky friends. We go to the events you can’t make and talk to the people you’re afraid to, package it with context, and deliver it to you wrapped in wit and whimsy. We aim to be approachable, outgoing, and friendly in all things. Get to know us!