Denver Zombie Crawl 2014

It’s finally live!

After countless hours of wondering through Adobe premiere and multiple uploads to YouTube lasting over 20 hours each, We’re ready to release our first ever event video – the Denver Zombie Crawl! Thanks for everyone who participated and make sure you throw us a shout-out if you find yourself anywhere in the video! If you didn’t get a chance to meet up with us this year we hope to see you in full g(l)ory next year, the big 10th!

The Making Of – Leather Witch Hats Part 3

Hat details
It’s the details that take this project from cowboy craft to elegant mystique

Finishing your Masterpiece

I remember taking my hat in to Tandy Leather when it was molded and constructed, but not yet dyed or decorated. My favorite employee, John, told me he thought it was an incredible finished project, let alone a work-in-progress. I’m telling you this so you know thatĀ from here on out, everything’s a bonus! HaveĀ fun with it! This is the time to really show your personality and aesthetic.

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The Making Of – Leather Witch Hats Part 2

Done stitching
Part 2 shows how we turned those pieces into a real live hat!

Constructing the Hat

This is part two of our behind-the-scenes look at how our witch hats were made! Now that you have all your pieces cut and prepared, it’s time to start construction. This all comes together faster than you might expect, with a magic stitch bringing everything together towards the end.

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