Roadblocks to Creativity – The Resolution Myth

No Regrets Tattoo
I had my left foot tattooed to remind me that there aren’t do-overs, so just keep doing!

Don’t Wait for a Fresh Start

Welcome to 2015! Are you, like me, watching waves of New Years resolutions take over Facebook? There’s something addicting about a fresh start. Here’s my suggestion for 2015:

The Only New Years Resolution You’ll Ever Need:

I will remind myself that change doesn’t happen when we make a single choice, it happens when we make countless daily decisions. Whatever my goal may be, achieving it may not be an all-at-once activity but a slow, intermittent march towards what I want in my life. Daily ‘failures’ and missteps are not reasons to ‘start over’, but motivators to keep stepping forward.

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Lion Makeup Two Ways

Meet Greg and Jason and see our process for doing Halloween right!

Halloween Lion Makeup

This year my friends Greg and Jason did a great job of contacting me over a month before Halloween to ask for some help with their makeup. That was my favorite project in my Stage Makeup class, so I was pretty excited to get started:

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The Making Of – Leather Witch Hats Part 3

Hat details
It’s the details that take this project from cowboy craft to elegant mystique

Finishing your Masterpiece

I remember taking my hat in to Tandy Leather when it was molded and constructed, but not yet dyed or decorated. My favorite employee, John, told me he thought it was an incredible finished project, let alone a work-in-progress. I’m telling you this so you know that from here on out, everything’s a bonus! Have fun with it! This is the time to really show your personality and aesthetic.

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