Who Are We?

Caitlin and Jaime photographed on a bridge just outside Stitch Witch headquarters
From coworkers to best friends and blog owners!

Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves!

CaitlinBIOimgI’m an age-old multifaceted changeling sorcerer living in the body of a fresh-faced 22 year old. I explain my too-many too-diverse interests by quoting that I want to “Live every Life there is to Live.” I’ve found a home for my cornucopia of obsessions in the modern Costume industry – one of the last places on earth you can be good at more than 4-5 things and be rewarded for it!

I’m the adult product of a home-schooled childhood where the internet was another tool for learning and exploration, instead of just a social media platter.

Somewhere along the way somebody told me “You can be anything you set your mind to” and I accidentally believed them.

JaimeBIOimgIf I had to describe myself in one word, it’d be “Tenacious”. I’ve lived in the Denver Metro area for my entire life, and my long term goal is the get the heck out! By any means necessary; I want to see everything there is to see about the world, but Denver will always be my home.

My skills include working harder than I need to, over-committing, falling asleep in public, and learning whatever skill-set I need in order to do whatever I need to do in an alarmingly short period of time.

I have a cat, a rat and three human boys and you can usually find me skulking about Auraria campus dressed like a witch.

Why do we write?


“My personal reason to start writing about costumes comes from a deep-seeded disappointment in a world that wants me to choose my ‘niche’. Nowadays everyone wants you to come nicely packaged with a single skill set or passion that they can utilize. I’ve searched my whole life for an outlet that could synthesize as many of my interests as possible and with a blogging platform geared towards a diverse subject I have as much flexibility as I need to do just that”.


“To me, this blog is a way to do something that I had always loved and craved without anyone else being able to make me miserable about it. It’s like Caitlin said, I never want to be pigeonholed. I have more than one honest-to-god talent, and I want to spend my life practicing all of them. Plus, Caitlin and I are wonderful friends and when we met there was a nearly instant “click”. I feel like you should never waste an opportunity like that, you should make everything out of every genuine connection you make on this earth.”

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Two sides of the same coin – two different perspectives

Verbs we love

  • Caitlin

  • laughing
  • oil painting
  • teaching
  • hiking
  • listening
  • embroidering
  • cooking
  • leatherworking
  • pattern drafting
  • singing
  • coding
  • designing
  • Jaime

  • dancing
  • writing
  • sword-fighting
  • cosplaying
  • reading
  • experimenting
  • cooking eating!
  • watching tv
  • theorizing
  • applying makeup
  • discovering
  • sleeping


A bigger picture

Caitlin is a 22 year old designer, writer, seamstress, painter, and connoisseur of life experiences. She currently learns and loves in stunning Denver, Colorado with three boys – including one handsome canine. Caitlin has spent her entire life exploring many different ways of expressing and living, and has been called quite diverse as a result. Since childhood she was known as the ‘artistic one’, yet went on to surprise friends and family by also falling in love with technology, coding, science, philosophy, and psychology.

She originally went to school to study Digital Media Studies and Clarinet Performance. Costume design became important to her when she fell into a work study job in the theater department’s costume shop. She had learned to sew the summer before her Junior year in high school and with the guide of shop head Laurie Klapperich she uncovered a passion for designing and constructing costumes. During four years of school Caitlin had the opportunity to design, co-design, or sew for dozens of shows including some in community theaters in the Denver area. She graduated with degrees in Psychology and Art and was hired shortly after as a seamstress at Disguises, the largest costume store in-state. Here she met co-conspirator Jaime and love of her life Shane.

She stayed with Disguises for a year before leaving to focus on her freelance costume, alteration, and design work. Her current goals include expanding her painting portfolio and finishing two children’s books, sharing a love and philosophy of costumes with the world, completing massage therapy school, and someday getting her masters in Costume Design at UCLA or NYU. Her biggest long-term goal for her career is to raise appreciation for what costume designers do and someday design for a feature film, series, or a Broadway show.

Jaime was born to a very large very Irish family sometime in the early nineties. She’s been a huge nerd for as long as she’s been old enough to walk and talk, and she’s always been extremely ambitious. Her first and most unrealistic goal (to date) was to have everybody get along. She’s since become a little less ambitious actually, and now focuses on pursuits she can control. (Like possibly founding Starfleet.)

She taught herself how to sew for the most part (badly) until her mother was tired of finding tangled thread in everything and enrolled her in a sewing program. Since then she spent most of her adolescence making her own costumes with stitch witch, a couple of crooked seams, and determination. When she was 17 and bored out of her mind with school she burst in very rudely on a local designer and demanded that she be given an internship, which went swimmingly until she realized that she really hated designers and the business of design.

Jaime got her first job at Disguises costumes when she was 16 and spent over four years on and off there as part of the seasonal staff, which really helped her develop a keen eye for what she wanted to create in costuming. Although she ended up pursuing a career and degree in medical science, she still loves costuming dearly and wants to continue on with it, just on her own terms.